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Simple explanation for this. Due to some strange weebly glitches, I have placed all the other pages in a drop-down menu under "The Pages". Just hold your mouse over it and the pages will appear. This page will not, however, be used just for that purpose. As time goes on, more information will be added to this page for all to see. Enjoy.

My Places

As an experienced webmaster, I have profiles on many, many sites. For that reason, I have multiple ways to be contacted.

Myspace: Coming Soon
Facebook: Will not give
Forums: The Destined inc.; Capax Infiniti; The Rose Moon; The Realms
Sites: The Power of the Destined; Banner Experiments(here); Random Encounters; My personal site
Blogs: The Random Encounters Blog; The Random Thoughts of Nicodemus Zamoran

More links to come!