Banner Experiments

Welcome to Banner Experiments!

Hey there! My name is Nicodemus Zamoran, the creator of Banner Experiments. As you can see, I create banners. Some of them are used, others not, but I find it fun to make them and I like creating awesome banners for other people. On the various other pages are banners for different sites. Some banners have more than one version, so check them all out!

How I Create!

To tell you the truth, I just randomly take an image and create a banner from it. I use a number of programs that have various uses.

Paint Shop Pro
Microsoft Office 2007 Power Point
Microsoft Office 2007 Picture Manager
Weebly ImagePerfect

Each program has a significant use, with various importance.

A big part of the creation process is randomness. With it, I create my best banners. Listen to the random thoughts! I say, listen!!!! They reveal the best ideas, or the worst.

Email Me!

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